Mitchell Hunt

Co-Founder and Chairman

Mitchell has always had a deep passion to see individuals succeed, not just in their place of work but also in their personal lives. Due to the amount of time we spent at work Mitchell has held the believe that if we succeed in our professional lives, find fulfilment in our jobs; we are more likely to succeed in other areas of life like relationships, parenting, achieving personal goals. This believe is what lead him to dream of the simpli initiative more than a decade ago.

Voytek Michalek

Co-Founder and Business Champion

Voytek is a man with no limit when it comes to his enthusiasm for growth and business success. With a keen eye for detail and a mind for numbers his knowledge of converting data into applications and processes is remarkable. Having met Mitchell their shared passion for helping small businesses who are not in the financial position to afford every business tool needed, they set out to create something that is unprecedented in the commercial world today. Following a trip to Philippines where he volunteered in an orphanage it ignited an enthusiasm to empower people to change their lives, not just giving money, but creating opportunity.

Rojina Shakya

System Specialist and Virtual Assistant Team Leader

Having spent over 3 years as a software engineer, Rojina has a deep passion for creating and developing effective solutions to achieve optimal business outcomes. She is passionate about engaging with teams and customers at a technical level, building sustainable relationships that encourage growth both personally and professionally. Rojina strives to empower those around her to deepen their knowledge in troubleshooting and post-release / post-implementation testing to ensure the quality of work delivered is to the highest of standards.

Michael Miranty

System Specialist

Michael is our Junior, but don’t let that fool you, He is a strategic thinker who is great at looking at the broader picture with the ability to develop software applications that clearly meet the company’s vision. A firm believer that alone we can do little, but together we can accomplish so much, Michael is vital part of the simpli team helping partners take their business operations to the next level.

Strategic Partnerships

Rapid Platform is a cloud-based platform for businesses to design bespoke solutions required to manage their business. Rapid is the leading strategic partner of simpli, and provides each member the licences to their platform as well as the Objective Based Doing application that assists simpli in helping members to ‘Get Stuff Done’ GSD in line with their goals.

Brand Stories is a creative agency based in Brisbane helping clients to articulate and visualise their why? Why do you do what you, what is the passion, the purpose behind your business, it will ultimately become your true differentiating value proposition.

Members of the Board

Mitchell Hunt


Scott Arthur

Board Member

Andrew Kelly

Board Member