A customisable Business System

Becoming a member of simpli is the first step in getting you closer to achieving your business potential. We truly believe the quote by Greg Reid to be a logical process to achieving your dream and is why one of the key components of simpli membership is a Rapid Platform business productivity software licence.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

– Greg Reid

Standardising the software product enables us to provide proactive business support with analytics, insights and more importantly actionable improvements divulged from actual data. Business coaching based on data not just good theory.

Rapid Platform is a commercial partner passionate about helping small businesses and individuals to succeed. We understand the difficulty of running a small business and have created a system that integrates the basic elements of a Finance, CRM, HR, Asset Management, Documents, Marketing and Productivity tool into one. With the added benefit of being fully customisable to the users’ needs, fields can be added or changed in a matter of moments, workflows can be integrated to automatically generate tasks at specific trigger points.

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Theory to action through continuous contact

In collaboration with Rapid Platform, simpli has created a module called Objective Based Doing or OBD. OBD is a combination of methodologies with the main purpose of ensuring that your ‘task list’ mostly relates to company objectives and goals, ensuring that the day-to-day BAU is driving long term goals, not just short term firefighting.

OBD What is it?

OBD captures your annual goals, breaks them down into smaller Quarterly, monthly or project goals depending on your preference, and then enables you to assign all the tasks associated with achieving them in a single system. To help you ‘do’ your tasks as planned we will meet with you fortnightly or monthly to plan your next priority list and to retrospectively look at what helped you in the previous time period, and what didn’t.

Breaking down large objectives, complicated projects or audacious goals into smaller manageable tasks and assigning them to users, provides consistent visible clarity to the business on where they are going, it helps identify issues early on, avoids procrastination, breaks down silos and gives greater visibility of team members contributions.

Advice from the ones with Experience

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “The only source of knowledge is experience”, as a social enterprise bringing community together is at the heart of everything we do.

We are in the very fortunate position in Australia to be surrounded by a wealth of experienced retired businessman and woman, who are available to provide simpli members with invaluable business advice.

As a simpli member you will be partnered with an executive level retired business professional from your industry or related field for Quarterly Business Review and Yearly strategy sessions. Through the unification of your business systems via Rapid Platform your senior business professional, with your consent, can review your business data, providing you with advice and suggestions on forecasting, cash flow, pipeline management, channel or distribution split, and many other areas for growth.

Dedicated Team

Each simpli member is assigned a team who are passionate about process, growth and accountability. The team will always include both a:

  • Group-35
    Business Champion

    What do they do?

    A Business Champions is your accountability person, and as the name says your Business Champion will be your biggest champion and responsible for helping you to achieve your goals. They do this by investing time and effort into understanding the business plan, the financials and the details of each of their customers current situation and future goals. As an accountability partner, he/she will hold you accountable to what you yourself have agreed to do. Business Champions are their customers compass, helping you to set short term goals that align with your longer term objectives and goals.

  • Group-34
    System Specialist & Virtual Assistant

    What do they do?

    Having a business system that works for your business, and adapts to the growing needs of your business is essential to success. As part of the onboarding your system specialist will be responsible for building the business system that works for you, helping you migrate all your data and processes across whilst also providing hands-on training to you and your internal team. As you grow your system specialist will be on hand to create new modules, new reports, assign users and permission settings.

    Wearing a double hat, your system specialist/virtual assistant will also book and minute the fortnightly planning and retrospective meetings with your Business Champion, run reports for the Quarterly Business Review and any other smaller tasks that can be taken off your plate.

Getting the best from your team!

People are unique, understanding and working with our differences is the key to ensuring each team member is working as efficiently and effectively as they can. To find out more about your team, simpli members will have access to 6 Gallup Personality test which will help you and us identify your members strenghts and growth opportunities.  It will test which will help you and us identify your teams greatest individual strengths.


Most clients start off subsidised and together we grow with them until they are able to be a full member.

As we are a not for profit that is funded by our active members it is imperative that we partner with businesses that have the capacity and more importantly the drive to grow exponentially.

$ 3,000 , per month

Subsidised whilst you grow,

Additional Services

Each member is allocated a specific amount of hours per month from both their Business Champion and their System Specialist and Virtual Assistant.

Should they need additional hours for data entry, research, special projects, administrative tasks, recruitment or anything else the team can be used at the below rate:

System Specialist & Virtual Assistant

$ 25 , per hour, based in Nepal

Business Champion

$ 75 , per hour, based in Australia