Mitchell Hunt

Mitchell Hunt, CEO of Rapid Platform and Founder of Zapien Group, is most passionate about empowerment and connecting with people. Empowering both individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential is what keeps him motivated. He believes that empowerment via enabling others to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way is what will help individuals and in turn, organizations to succeed.

He loves thought-provoking conversations wherein he ponders and discusses some of the deep-seated issues we face in society today. He enjoys reading and does not stop studying humans and their behavior.

Andrew Kelly

Andrew Kelly has been building and working strategically with small businesses for the past eight (8) years. Having built up his own business to a point of thriving, Andrew has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer or CEO of Simpli in 2021. With his extensive knowledge and substantial experience, he plans to empower business owners in finding freedom and growth in their business as well.

Andrew’s fields of expertise are in Business Strategy, Compliance, Education & Training, and Business Processes. He is a firm believer that doing business should bring freedom to your life and not take over your life.

Scott Arthur

Scott Arthur, Chief Operating Officer, Director, and Principal, is the operational driving force of AFG Corp. He possesses ultimate knowledge on all aspects of each business within the AFG Corp group of entities. Taking over the financial control and directorship of all the family agricultural businesses at the age of 26, over the years, Scott has steered AFG Corp from a family business to a corporate group structure where strategy, process, systems, and governance disciplines are applied. Being one of the six shareholders and a director of the enlarged group, Scott’s role in the business was the implementation of business strategy and ensuring the constant flow of new business construction contracts.

Today, the business builds over 1,000 homes per year and supplies up to 300 townhouse units to the market per year. Turning over $400m per annum with a healthy EBIT, the business is one of the success stories of the construction industry.

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